Beef Promotion and Research Act

With the passage of the 1985 Farm Bill, the uniform $1 per head checkoff became effective and is assessed each time a beef, dairy or veal animal is sold.

By law, 50 cents of the dollar is remitted to the Beef Promotion and Research Board (Beef Board) in Denver. Since the MBIC meets the requirements necessary to be designated as a "Qualified State Beef Council" under the federal law, Michigan can govern the use of the remaining 50 cents according to the Federal Act and Order.

A portion of Michigan's checkoff dollars are contributed to the Checkoff Division of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA). The NCBA was created in 1996 by combining the National Cattlemen's Association and the Beef Industry Council of the National Live Stock and Meat Board. Michigan has a beef director and a veal director seated on this board.

Michigan's dollars are combined with 44 other state beef councils in order to fund research and develop promotion and education programs to be implemented in this state.

The MBIC has been successful in forming partnerships with for-profit companies and other state beef councils to help extend the checkoff dollars. In addition, the MBIC has received matching state grants for beef promotions.

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