Mission Statement

The Michigan Beef Industry Commission builds demand for beef products by growing consumer trust and promoting beef’s value; thereby enhancing opportunities for all segments of the beef industry.

Function Areas

The Promotion area consists of advertising, retail, food service promotions, and educational programs. In addition, the MBIC sponsors special promotional events.

The Consumer Information/Education function focuses on programs developed for thought leaders. This includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, educators, and media.

The Industry Information is primarily the public relations area for the industry. Attention and resources have been focused on issues such as food safety, nutrition, animal welfare and the environment.

The Research function is best accomplished by combining the limited research dollars with other states in order to have a more effective program.


The Michigan Beef Industry Commission, the Beef Promotion and Research Board and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, are all working together in a coordinated state/national effort to promote beef and veal products in order to hold market share and increase the demand for beef and veal.

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