Wernette Cattle Company LLC

As a 5th generation farm, the Wernette Cattle Company LLC is very diversified as they expand from a cow-calf farm all the way to marketing retail product.

Meet the wernettes

The Wernette family started farming and raising cattle in the mid-late 1800’s. There have been many changes over the course of 5 generations. Today, the Wernette Cattle Company LLC raises about 230 cow-calf pairs, 200 stocker cattle, 600 custom backgrounders and 30 finished cattle. On top of that, they also operate Wernette Beef which is their retail beef division that sells directly to Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids and many farmers markets across the state.

How do you maintain the land for generations to come?

The Wernette Cattle Company LLC utilizes an intensive grazing management plan to ensure that nutrients are cycled through over 800 acres of pasture. Additionally, they are currently working on putting together a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan to ensure that everything is being done in the most environmentally friendly manner.

How do you care for your animals?

A veterinarian is consulted for choosing programs and treatment as needed. A comprehensive vaccination protocol is used and any cattle that become sick are separated to treat and monitor until back to full health. All treatment is carefully recorded to ensure that there is no drug residue and that all of their beef is safe.Cattle are raised on the pasture and supplemented with corn stalks, hay, baleage, haylage and grain as needed during winter months. 

What is the wernette family's favorite beef meal?

A ribeye or Porterhouse Steak cooked to medium rare and hot off the grill.

For more information on Wernette Cattle Company LLC feel free to visit their www.wernettebeef.com or follow them on Facebook at Wernette Beef.

Wernette Cattle Company LLC

Remus, MI


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