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get your strength from beef

Beef is an excellent source of protein and supplies 10 essential nutrients including B-vitamins, zinc, and iron that support an active and healthy lifestyle. The nutrients in beef provide our bodies with the strength to thrive throughout all stages of life. Learn more about beef’s nutrients below.


At Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. we’re always learning new insights about consumers’ love affair for all things beef. Registered dietitian and PhD in Nutrition Science, Shalene McNeill provides tips on how to "Beef Up" your burger this summer using fruits and veggies.

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every bite counts- feeding beef to your baby

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Starting your baby with beef as a complementary first food can ensure they get the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Nutritionists and health professionals can help parents and caregivers select nutrient-rich first foods and navigate complimentary feeding with these educational resources. 

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beef and diet trends

Mediterranean Beef Salad Pita

When it comes to choosing an eating style that works for you, there are many choices.  Most healthy diets have a lot in common and beef plays an essential role in many healthy diets as an authentic high-quality protein with ten essential nutrients, like iron, zinc and B-vitamins. 

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resources for healthcare professionals

Grilled Steak and Watermelon Salad

The Beef Nutrition Education Hub, managed by a team of nutrition scientists and registered dietitians, is an education portal tailored to support the needs of the health and nutrition community. Create an account, access on-demand courses and earn complimentary continuing professional education credits approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

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Beef's Protein

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If there was a protein contest, beef would surely be crowned the king! One 3 oz cooked serving of beef provides 25 grams of protein, roughly 50% of your Daily Value, of this important nutrient that supports strong, lean bodies—making it an excellent source!

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All About Lean Beef

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Improvements in raising cattle and enhanced trimming practices have led to more lean beef cuts available to choose from.  A 3 oz. serving of lean beef provides 10 essential nutrients in around 150 calories, less than 10 grams of total fat and less than 95 mg of cholesterol.

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Open Meat Case

We all know beef tastes great – but did you know that beef can be good for you, too? Check out some answers to your most pressing questions when it comes to incorporating beef into a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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Research on heart health shows that eating lean beef can be a solution to one of America’s greatest health challenges. Not only can lean beef be part of a heart-healthy diet, but it can help lower cholesterol as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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beef's nutrients

Ranch Burgers

When it comes to beef and your health, you can rest easy knowing that along with being delicious, beef contains important nutrients. In just one 3 oz. cooked serving, you’re getting 10 essential nutrients including protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins.  

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cut nutritionals

All beef cuts contain 10 essential nutrients including protein, zinc, iron and many B vitamins, but cuts can vary slightly in their nutrient content depending on their location on the carcass. See the nutritional profile of some of the classic and up-and-coming beef cuts. 

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Grilled Steak and Watermelon Salad


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