Michigan Beef Industry Commission State Checkoff

The Michigan Beef Industry Commission (MBIC) was formed by state legislation in 1972 to be the face and voice of the beef industry in Michigan.  The commission builds consumer demand for beef by growing consumer trust and promoting beef’s value.  The commission is funded by beef producers through the beef checkoff.

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What is Happening?

Producers serving on the Michigan Beef Industry Commission recently voted to re-start a state checkoff program on the sale of cattle in Michigan. Michigan is joining 18 other states with a state checkoff in addition to the federal $1 per-head checkoff.

When does it start?

The Michigan checkoff begins January 1, 2024.

Why do we need a state checkoff?

MBIC has operated for nearly 40 years on one half of the federal dollar-per-head checkoff revenue. The buying power of the dollar had decreased significantly over time. To effectively carry out MBIC’s mission on behalf of cattle producers, an updated funding model is necessary.

What is the rate?

The Michigan checkoff is 10 cents for every $100 of value on cattle raised in Michigan, capped at $1 per head. The Michigan checkoff will be collected along with the national $1 per head checkoff.

What will the Michigan Checkoff do for me?

Working for all Michigan cattle producers, the state checkoff will enable MBIC to inspire trust, educate and remind consumers to choose beef by:

  • Promoting beef in bigger, bolder ways using modern tactics.
  • Teaching millennial families how to prepare and enjoy beef.
  • Sharing accurate, local stories about beef production and sustainability.
  • Creating opportunities for Michigan's beef producers.

Where can I learn more?

Give us a call at 517-347-0911 or contact us!

Michigan Checkoff FAQ

The MBIC is the face and voice of Michigan beef producers, working to build demand for beef by growing consumer trust and promoting beef’s value. As the qualified state beef council in Michigan, MBIC collects the $1 per head federal beef checkoff.
The MBIC has operated since 1985 on a portion of a $1 per head federal checkoff on cattle sold in Michigan. The world has changed significantly since 1985, but the revenue to support Michigan’s beef industry has stayed the same. To effectively carry out its mission on behalf of cattle producers, the MBIC needs to update its funding model.
In Fiscal Year 2022, MBIC net revenues were $279,363. Michigan producers were assessed at total of $555,841 in FY 2022, with 50%forwarded to the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board to support programs at the national level.
MBIC conducts many programs each year focused on building demand for beef. Some examples include:
  • Sharing the latest research supporting beef’s role in healthy diets with dietitians, doctors, and pediatricians, making these health professionals more confident in recommending beef to their clients and patients.
  • Working with social influencers to reach thousands of Michigan consumers with messages that remind them of beef’s great taste, versatility, and nutritional value; ultimately inspiring them to make a beef purchase and prepare beef for their families.
  • Partnering with Michigan International Speedway to put beef front and center in the minds of racing fans during Michigan’s biggest racing weekend through beef sampling demos, swag giveaways and engaging with fans onsite and online.
The Michigan Checkoff is an additional 10 cents for every $100 of value on cattle sold in Michigan, capped at a maximum of $1 per head. The Michigan Checkoff will be collected alongside the national $1 per head checkoff.
The Michigan checkoff will at least double MBIC’s current net revenue. Assessments will fluctuate somewhat with market conditions.
The additional resources are needed to achieve MBIC’s mission of building demand for beef by growing consumer trust and promoting beef’s value. Some examples include:
  • Bigger, bolder consumer-facing promotions using modern communications platforms.
  • Sports nutrition programs that promote the role of beef in athletic performance and exercise recovery.
  • Educating consumers about beef production, sustainability, and animal welfare.
  • Addressing issues and creating opportunities for Michigan's beef industry.
Cattle producers in Michigan largely support the Michigan Checkoff because they recognize the important role the MBIC plays in communicating and educating the public and the necessity of modernizing MBIC’s resources to be seen and heard using modern tools.

Michigan’s State Checkoff- a brief history

The Michigan Beef Industry Commission is the face and voice of beef producers in Michigan, working to build consumer demand for beef by growing consumer trust and promoting beef’s value.  Consumers have never been more disconnected from where their food comes from, which allows outside voices to leverage misinformation about beef very successfully.  Presently less than 1/3 of Michigan consumers have a positive perception of how cattle are raised.  We must do more to educate consumers about what beef producers do, and the many benefits of the product we produce.   

MBIC is focused on educating the public about the value of beef, growing trust in how we raise beef, and making our programs visible.  An updated funding mechanism is critically needed to support MBIC’s efforts to achieve these goals.      

In recent years, producer organizations have recommended MBIC re-start a state check-off that existed before the national program was established in 1985. We’re working hard to get the word out to producers around the state about this proposal to re-start our state checkoff, why it’s needed now and what it will mean for the future of the beef industry in Michigan. 

Michigan’s Checkoff Timeline


Michigan Beef Industry Commission was established by the MI legislature via Public Act 291.  The legislation authorized the commission to make an assessment of not more than 1/10th of 1% of gross receipts from the sale of all cattle.


Cattle producers throughout Michigan pledge their support to MBIC by the passage of a state referendum.


The Beef Promotion and Research Act was passed as part of the 1985 Farm Bill, providing the base for development of a national, producer-funded beef promotion and research program — the Beef Checkoff Program.  The assessment rate prescribed by the federal law was $1 per head.


Michigan Beef Industry Commission is certified by the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board to operate as the Qualified State Beef Council in Michigan.  The Commission votes to set-aside the state assessment and begin collecting the $1 per head national beef checkoff.


Beef producers vote to continue the one dollar per head national beef checkoff.


The Michigan Cattlemen’s Association and other organizations approve policy supporting an increase in the National Beef Checkoff of at least an additional $1 per head.


After attempts to increase the National Beef Checkoff are thwarted, Michigan agriculture organizations begin approving policy supporting reinstatement of assessments under Public Act 291 of 1972 (the state checkoff).


An industry task force including representatives from the Michigan Cattlemen’s Association, Michigan Farm Bureau, Michigan Milk Producers Association and Dairy Farmers of America approve a recommendation requesting MBIC restart state checkoff.


Michigan beef producers urged to give their opinion on the recommendation via a statewide survey with 69% responding in support of the recommendation.  However, with a prolonged decline in fed cattle prices from early 2015 into 2016, the Commission determined it was not the right time to restart the state checkoff.


The Michigan Beef Industry Commission restructures staffing and gives up a long-standing lease to maintain operations with reduced revenue.


MBIC Directors identify 4 strategic focus areas for the Commission. They include:

  • Enhanced Consumer Education
  • Improved Consumer Trust
  • Increased Visibility
  • Greater Financial & Operational Stability

For more information or to speak with an MBIC staff member, please contact us or call [517] 347-0911.