Current statistics of michigan cattle


The dairy cattle population is a larger herd than beef cattle in Michigan. However, all of these farms serve an important role in providing beef on your dinner table. In fact, Michigan cattle support 33% of the state’s demand for beef.

Michigan Map

Cattle Numbers

  • As of January 1, 2022 there were a total of 1.12 million head in Michigan.
  • Beef cattle had 96,000 cows and 23,000 replacement heifers.
  • Dairy cattle had 434,000 cows and 152,000 replacement heifers.
  • Cattle on feed totaled 160,000 head.
  • The remaining 285,000 head account for bulls and other cattle at various stages.

Where are the cattle

There are about 12,000 farms with with beef and dairy cattle in Michigan.

The economic impact of cattle in Michigan totals $541 million

With a consumer population of about 9.9 million, the industry meets about 33% of the local demand.

All numbers were according to the USDA Agricultural Statistics Service.